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We are a professionally managed group with over 12 Years of rich Industry experience in Overseas Education, Travel and Permanent Residence applications. We have been promoting quality international education since 2010.

Our uniqueness lies in our intellectual expertise in International Student Enrollments, Tourist and Permanent Residence visa application processing for Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Ireland and Europe. By the virtue of our rich experience backed by expert RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants in Alberta and Former Immigration Officer in New Delhi - India),

We are in a better position to factually counsel students and help them select a course of study, which is in line with their career aspiration leading to a progression in their individual careers. Our service offering to students include a comprehensive hand holding approach from courses and Education Providers selection, to their visa approval thereby leading to an eminent and quality experience. We also intend to help profiled genuine students who have been victims of improper educational and immigration advice.

Visas Connect services

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is the act of a student pursuing educational opportunities in a country other than one's own.

Online IELTS training

The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English

Permanent Residence

Permanent residency is a person's legal resident status in a country or territory of which such person is not a citizen but where they have the right to..

Background Verifications Employment and Education

A background check is a process a person or company uses to verify that an individual is who they claim to be, and this provides an opportunity to check and ...

Visa & Job Interview Preparation

An interview is essentially a structured conversation where one participant asks questions, and the other provides answers. In common parlance, the word ...

Visa File Verifications

The modern visa may be a sticker or a stamp in the passport, an electronic record of the authorization, or a separate document which the applicant can print ...

Students and Parent Counseling

International - Domestic Education Students and Parent Counseling is an integrated approach to mental health ...

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Consultations for prospective immigrants

Immigration consultants may or may not have legal expertise about immigration laws and visa laws and about procedures for obtaining different types of visas ...

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